Role of "Keyword Research" in Digital Marketing

There is your audience. There is the language. There are the words that they use. ~ Eugene Schwartz

By Bindu Raghunath

Role of “keyword research” in digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important thing. A keyword is the information a searcher enters into the input field while performing a search on the search engine page. It is a practice that SEO professionals use to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines. It is an important strategic marketing practice which when done correctly & efficiently can go a long way.


More relevant keywords lead to more customers.

Steps in keyword research –

It starts with making a list of keyword phrases and terms that your ideal prospects are likely to punch into Google as they journey out there in search of solutions. This is not the final list, this is a creative dump of possible key phrases. There is nothing called the best list – it is an exercise which involves thinking like your customer.

Step 1: Brainstorm – This is a great group exercise that you & your team can do to come up with dozens of ideas. It answers questions like- What questions do customers ask, what are they looking for when they are searching on a specific topic? What are the kind of keywords they can input as a customer?


Step 2: Google suggestion – Google Suggest is one of the main features of Google search. The sophisticated Google algorithm attempts to suggest search queries that best match the entered term. Suggested keywords appear under the search box. Generally, you will see 3 – 5 suggestions, sometimes however 10 suggestions are displayed. A user that is performing the search can click on any keyword from the Google autofill list and immediately see the search results page. This experience is both fast and convenient.

 Step 3: Google related searches –After you complete a search, scroll down to the bottom of the results page. Here you would be able to see what what Google calls related searches. It again shows few more related search strings which is another easy way to get some great ideas.


Step 4: Competitor Analysis – Evaluating a competitor’s strategy is all about finding out what they are doing right to achieve higher search engine rankings. It also gives you an opportunity to identify gaps in their overall strategy. This knowledge is important if you wish to outrank them. You should take a look at the key metrics for each competitor. You should also take a look at the level of competition, overall website traffic, common keywords, etc.The R

Few advantages of doing “Keyword Research” –

    • When you start doing research for your keywords, this gives you more focus and direction. 
    • It helps in finding “new topics”. If you have a topic in mind, or a business in mind, doing keyword research can help you expand upon that.
    • It gives you the best listings and suggestions. When doing keyword research, the most advanced search engine is Google.
    • Makes you target the right audience
    • It takes care of the competitor analysis and helps you in understanding your competitor better.

To sum it up, “keyword research” is an ongoing process which help you take your / your customer’s business to next level.


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